Canine Physiotherapy

Initial Assessment

Upon initial treatment, having gained veterinary consent and your dogs history, your dog will be assessed Statically (standing) and Dynamically (moving). This will allow Francesca to gain an idea of areas of strengths and weaknesses within your animal. Following this, Francesca will palpate and treat your dog according to it’s needs. This will come with advice and guidelines of how to proceed, including any exercises she believes your dog would benefit from. A follow up appointment can then be booked in. 

What treatment will my dog receive?

There are different types of treatment available in order to treat your dog effectively, these include:

  • Manual therapies:
    • Massage 
    • Stretching 
    • Exercises
  • Electrotherapies:
    • PEMF

Your dog may not receive all of these treatments, only those Francesca feels that he/she needs.  

How do I know if my Dog needs Physiotherapy?

  • Altered behaviour 
  • Reluctance to perform
  • Uneven weight bearing
  • Change in movement (can no longer jump on the sofa etc)