Lodge Farm Rehab

Lodge Farm Rehab is a quiet yard in the heart of Northamptonshire, run by Veterinary Physiotherapist Francesca Leaning. Rehab is such a vital part of horses returning to work again following injury or time off. A bespoke program is created for each individual horse, improving their strengths and weaknesses. 

Professional Rehab Livery

Physiotherapist on site


Lodge Farm are able to offer high class care from our on-site Veterinary Physiotherapist, Francesca Leaning. Make the most of having a professional handle all of the rehab! 

Drimee Solarium


Our Drimee Solarium is fantastic addition to our rehab centre, providing Thermotherapy to help with: 

  • Vasodilation (increase in blood flow)
  • Arthritis (decreasing the viscosity of synovial fluid, allowing more fluid movement) 
  • Pain Relief

FMBs Rug


The FMBs rug is one of our most important parts of rehab here at Lodge Farm. Every rehab horse has the luxury of this on daily, with tailored programs selected by our Veterinary physiotherapist, the benefits are huge! 

  • Increase/decrease in blood flow depending on settings used. 
  • Pain relief 
  • Repair of soft tissue injuries



TENS is a therapy used for pain relief and reduction of muscle spasm, this is something that owners can apply to their horses at hime with our Veterinary physiotherapists advice. 

NMES is a therapy used for Strengthening by causing muscle contraction. This is only used in conjunction with a natural strengthening program once there is no pain present. 

Class 3B Laser Therapy


Class 3B Laser therapy is our most helpful therapy to aid with: 

  • Tendon and Ligament Healing
  • Wound Healing
  • Management of Arthritis
  • Bruising
  • Oedema

Individual Turnout


Beautifully maintained individual turnout for our rehab patients on old pasture that is safe and secure. 



Cryochaps are our most effective way of applying cryotherapy to horses. They fit beautifully covering all of the major tendons and ligaments, applying good compression whilst maintaining a temperature less than 10 degrees. 

Fabulous on and off road Hacking

We are very blessed with beautiful hacking

Situated right in the countryside, Lodge Farm is blessed with beautiful on and off road hacking, using different terrains and gradients for natural strengthening and conditioning. 

A Test holder and Event rider


Francesca Leaning, our onsite Veterinary Physiotherapist is also an event rider with experience up to BE Intermediate level, therefore understanding the nature of competition horses. Having attained her Pony Club A test, you can be assured that she has the ability to ride many different horses. Here at Lodge Farm, the riding part of rehab is vital to horses being able to return to their previous activities (if the injury allows this). 


Angela Baker

"Hi Francesca, I can't thank you enough for what you have done for Red. To think I was at the point of retiring him at the age of 6 because no one could find out why he wouldn't go forwards and was bucking. You really are amazing and made me feel so welcome when I came to visit. The ride I had on him yesterday was amazing, and the best canter I have had on him in 2 years. I am very impressed with how you have helped him to become a really confident little man, can't wait to have him back home! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Elaine Lemon

"I sent our pony to Francesca due to bucking problems when we were bring her back into work. Francesca had her for a week and it was literally the best decision we ever made! After physiotherapy treatment, hacking she was not in pain, Francesca worked on our ponds confidence in the arena and out hacking, she worked wonders with her and she came back a totally different pony! Francesca knows her stuff and is so knowledgeable and professional, we will definitely be using her services again. Thankyou Francesca!"